The Center of Balance is an amazing place which has transformed my life in so many ways. Through meditation, in a matter of weeks, my health improved, my professional career has taken off, and my personal relationships are better than ever. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Marty, Maddie, and their entire family. They have been so welcoming to me and everyone who comes to the center. Each week I can’t wait until Wednesday evening to join group meditation. I have met some of the nicest and caring people at the center. Recently, I completed a Primordial Sound Meditation class at the center where I received my personal mantra; highly recommend this course to everyone. In addition to group meditation, I have attended amazing, mind blowing classes, like the one I did this past Saturday; 'Light Language'. If you live in the area and want to improve your entire being, this is the place to be. See you there!
I was blessed to do a meditation course at the Center of Balance with Marty Pelosi recently. I have been meditating for a long time but Marty brought me to a deeper level of consciousness and inner calm and peace. Now my spiritual practice feels deeper and richer. The center is a beautiful healing place to get in touch with your inner being. Marty will make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in! I loved my experience and I'm looking forward to returning!
I've been learning at a like mind pace from this guy for close to 9 years. I've went from negative emotion to positive emotion practically 24/7, 365 days a year. My work is always just beginning as life or my ego always tries to get in the way. In the past I'd suffer a negative down depression like state 5 to 10 times a year as I believe most people do (the blues ). This is no more. I'm happy 24/7 as I try to live in the present or the now. I notice everything that surrounds me daily. Beautiful things that go unnoticed by most. It's been a great ride for me, a life changer in many ways.... I can go on and on but writing is really not my thing. I'll close by saying life is beautiful. Don't just live it, experience it. Experience everything that surrounds you daily.